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Bruno called him 'elegant and smart'.'Wonderful my darling,' he added.Pro wrestler Nikki Bella chose 2016 – when she made her comeback to the ring after almost breaking her neck.'You can try and keep this girl down but it won't happen,' announced the 33-year-old wrestling star.The admission no doubt came as a shock, as she previously revealed her partner Geoff Powell, 68, didn't want to get married, despite the fact they'd been dating for 35 years.Admitting there were 'lots of reasons' they decided to finally tie the knot, Jenny quipped: 'Well my financial adviser... ' She continued: 'After 35 years no one could say we rushed it or is she pregnant. Explaining that the ceremony was a very intimate affair, she apologised to any of her friends who could be watching and wondering why they weren't invited or kept in the look.'At my age if you want to lose a couple of stone just lift your hands up...I've got so used to it it's a bit of a bore putting clothes on now between shows.'A giggling Lorraine jumped in, saying 'Yeah you’re living it l-' before abruptly finishing her sentence.Her pro partner Mark Ballas, 31, wore her father's hat and scarf for the routine. Next was a jazz routine with NBA star Derek, 43, and Sharna, 32.

Loving life: Discussing the clip, which saw Jenny strip to her black bra and white knickers whilst shimmying along the stage, the Grumpy Old Women star quipped: 'You know what I'm a bit of a go-go girl!The Total Divas star scored 24 points for her contemporary aerial silk routine with Artem Chigvintsev, 35.'I thought it was beautiful,' praised Carrie Ann, 49.'Like a contemporary interpretation of the Kama Sutra,' giggled Bruno.Violinist Lindsey Stirling danced a Viennese waltz in memory of her deceased father.'He shelved his dreams [as a freelance writer] and got a teaching job so that I could get violin lessons,' sobbed the 30-year-old You Tube star.His barefoot contemporary scored 29 – after receiving the first 10s of the season.'That was exquisitely flawless,' raved Bruno, calling it 'a work of art'.South African-born actress Sasha Pieterse chose 2016 – when her TV show Pretty Little Liars ended, and she got engaged.

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