Asus android weather widget not updating single suche Mülheim an der Ruhr

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Expansion cards can get corrupted and the most effective solution is to try to reformat them using a desktop or laptop PC.

Using the standard file explorer, you should be able to right-click and choose the format option to bring it back to life.

It may be that the Android version installed is too old or the hardware is simply to slow to cope with many apps. This can happen if you are using a custom ROM on your Android phone or tablet.

The ROM provider may have a solution, but if not you will need to revert back to the standard ROM to read your books properly.

Go to Settings / Applications / Manage Applications and then select the app you wish to uninstall. Most of the popular phones have parts available from various online suppliers that you can install yourself.

The process for replacing a screen is far from easy so do your research before you buy.

Android phones and tablets are easy to use and usually trouble-free. Here we tackle 53 of the most common problems or questions you might have with your Android phone.

One option is a third party app called APNdroid, from the Android Market, which lets you turn off all data connections via a widget on the home screen.

You will also need to either uninstall or move apps to an expansion card to free up more physical memory.

It makes changing these settings much quicker than using the standard Android settings screen and is more likely to act as a reminder for when you next travel abroad.

A soft reset will usually do the trick, but there are different methods for different phones.

To be completely sure that everything has been removed, go through the process twice.

Some tablets come with their own cut-down app market or even none at all.

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