Dating euro nudists

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The black chair covers are discreetly changed between sittings.

"Our role is to put people at ease," said Stephane.

It's a little surreal," he said, sitting at one of the restaurant's 20 tables.

"It's like when we're on holiday, but it's even better," he said, lamenting that at home, in Leucate on the southwest coast, "I have to put my clothes on to go to a restaurant." Snails and foie gra- The restaurant, which opened its doors earlier this month, is the latest in a series of nude eateries to pop up around the world, from London to Melbourne to Tokyo.

"We might reject someone, or explain to them that if they're looking to hook up, they should go somewhere else," he said.

His brother Mike chipped in: "Nudity doesn't have to mean sexuality." While many in a country used to nudity might shrug at the idea of enjoying a plate of scallops while starkers, the restaurant has raised eyebrows among some neighbours who note it is next to a creche.

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"We're in the heart of Paris and we're eating naked.

O'naturel boasts a minimalist decor and a menu of upmarket French bistro cuisine -- lobster, foie gras and snails with parsley cream sauce -- priced at 49 euros (.50) for three courses.

A large white curtain over the windows shields diners from gawpers outside.

Indeed, an Ifop study taken in 2014 revealed that one in six French people would be happy to try it.

Interestingly the ban on burkinis from being worn on several French beaches included a nudist one.

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