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This Pacific Rim Transcendentalism, a belief that nature in the several majestic aspects that California presents it, is the ultimate source of spiritual renewal widely shared by its citizens and has remained a major force in determining the way Clint has lived his adult life. He thought they were too young, not well enough established.

Strangely, for a family whose genealogy as sprinkled with church-builders and devout religionists, Clint doesn't show up in Bay Area baptismal or Sunday School records. ' 'I take it in a personal way very much,' said Clint. But I've always felt very strongly about things, I guess. I guess that's why I've done so many wide open films in nature. I've never really discussed it to philosophize out loud about it. But, when it comes to marriage, "Guys never have much say about it." Clint shrugs.

Or "Don't think the world owes you a living, because it doesn't." When Clint would apply for his after-school jobs, his father would always tell him: "Forget about the dough. Make yourself so valuable that they just gotta have you."...

Many years later, discussing his moderately troubled passage through later adolescence, Clint would tell an interviewer, "although I rebelled, I never rebelled against that." He did, however, rebel against conventional piety--very early and, in part, because of his hardworking life and his dad's.

Clint Eastwood was raised in a middle class Protestant home.

He regularly attended church services on Sundays with his mother and siblings at whatever Protestant church was nearby.

Eastwood's first marriage took place in a Congregationalist church.

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"You get nothing for nothing," his father would tell him.

Clint Eastwood's ancestors dating back to Colonial times were almost entirely Protestants living in America.

Most of these ancestors were actively religious, many of them were churchbuilders, pastors or church leaders.

His ancestors in America include Congregationalists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and a Christian Science practitioner (his great-grandmother).

But Congregationalism seems to be the predominant religious affiliation of Eastwood's relations before him.

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