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I am still crossing my fingers if this drama will have a good impact on the viewers. I loved your new drama and of course I loved you too hehe.. love the music always touches my heart, very talented, your smile, your eyes... always be with your self i like you for being very talented and having vey unique attitude .. you're my inspirationj because i want also be a singer someday.. all I can say is, I hope someday if I'l given a chance, I will ask to meet you personally, because l really in love with your voice especially your eyes, if ever I want to sing a song with you ( duet ) I really hope so, keep it up! I hope you will come back here in the Philippines again even together with you and the rest of your bandmates CNBlue. Don't get me wrong, most of the actors and actresses are A-OK, but the story line is BORING!!!!! I supported you as warm and sweet Shin Woo, and my heart cried for you when you didn't get the girl.

)...anyways, I was always surrounded by Caucasian people. But being able to watch Korean episodes and movies made me feel better about myself. Handsome got my attention, that I would try and watch whatever shows you have been in!!! PS: I hope some day I can find my biological mother and to see the country I am from, which is South Korea and hope to see you touring in America that I can attend to watch you perform as a singer, your band!!! I hope in the future 1-2 of your songs will be on America's Top Chart. U r beautiful as u r now so please don't get involved in plastic surgery as others and grow old gracefully. I so much love you after I watched heartstings I became addicted to your songs you are good and I will continue to be your number one star Don't be afraid to face anything You've got it in you and you will be great Saranhgae oppa A Message To You I wasn't a kpop lover to be honest, but when I got influenced by my friend to watch the Heartstrings drama, I became curious when I first saw you there.. I was writting songs before during my highschool days. So even you don't have any idea how you helped me get into composing again, I just wanna let you know I am so grateful for you. ^^ Be strong in facing all challenges That will mold you to be a better person every single day of your life... how can u be so so so so so so so so talented & why did god give every thing to u. at first i don't really fan of kpop..when i heard your songs.. Love you and the rest of the CNBLUE to infinity and beyond, to the moon and back! Although, this month I'm watching FUTURE'S CHOICE... Saranghae oppa~ I hope more projects to come and also to your group.... I already watched heartstring for three times and never get bored. My favorite character from you is still Kang Shin-Woo, but a close second place is Park Dal-Hyang! Funny to tell but I'd like to express feeling to be your student in MUSIC if ever, maybe I will be your fast learner student if ever you were the one will teach me OPPA... Jung Yong Hwa Oppa I verry like you, I like your voice, I like your smile, I like your eyes, I like everything what u have. I love to see park sin hye eonni & jung oppa together. Now, i will be looking forward to see "heartstrings" for sure. Se Joo oppa, I hope the ratings are going to shoot off the charts! this is the best man I have evre seen (personally my #1 hero) ... I'm imagining u playing alongside IU actually haha i wonder if my little wish will come true soon huhu :) Hi oppa Yong Hwa. You're definitely good looking and a good singer too. "Why you have a ring,bracelet same with Park Shin Hye? " Because its so weird,but I'm so happy if you couple with her. Sincerely, Noris (your number one cnblue fans from Malaysia and Yong Shin fans forever) Keep it up!! It's lots of fun watching you improve and compare you from before and after! Oh and pull another prank on running man someday like that episode 17 of 1 vs 9! I just look at on it and feel the Cords, bcoz I don't know how to play. Byann hmmmnn.yong hwa.first time i saw you was on Heartstring.."captivating".capture my heart by your song even i cant understand.i wish i could see you even for a minute.i wish i could go to korea just to find you.. still don't know the ending of it, but whatever it goes, I became YOUR NO.1 FAN. He is most capable of choosing drama that he can portray. I hope & pray that someday you will be paired with Park Shin Hye in a drama that has a different style and story. Just wanna comment on your movie "heartstring" mehn! He is good looking and is very popular with the ladies. I want to see you with park shin hye again,, i think that the best couple,, how about if you exchange with lee min ho in "the heirs". If im to rate the movie over 10% i'lld rate it 100%... Thank you for being a star, i can see you even though you can't see me.... His music (with his band CN Blue) is great to listen to, and his acting makes you fall in love with him more and more.

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