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Every child deserves to go to school and grow up in a safe environment, free from threats and harassment.FULL POST A red-faced Gordon Ramsay gets nose-to-nose with an older man and shouts, "Wake up! In the last few years, awareness about bullying has increased dramatically.

There has been a remarkable outpouring of support and responses to the documentary.

He's used "Bully" to launch a movement to make schools safer and teach kids and parents how to combat the problem.

Every student in his former middle school went to see the film as part of his initiative for 1 million children to watch it.

We've produced a documentary called "The Bully Effect" which follows the stories of a number of people filmmaker Lee Hirsch introduced audiences to in his remarkable 2012 film "Bully." These are kids and parents who have taken their pain, their suffering, their grief and turned it into action. He would often eat alone at lunch, having recently switched to his school without knowing anyone.

While browsing My Space one day, he saw that someone from school had posted a bulletin - a message visible to multiple people - declaring that Turley was a "fag." Students he had never even spoken with wrote on it, too, saying they agreed.

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