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Even with the best VR games to date, your headset is in the corner of your living room.

Maybe it’s starting to collect dust alongside the Play Station Move controllers you never thought you would have to buy at all, let alone at a premium. The various digital storefronts might not do the best job at highlighting the best VR games you can play in 2018, but we’ve tailored our recommendations to make up for the ostensible VR gaming drought.

Even if I don’t mention mods specifically, you can safely assume anything over a couple of years old in the line-up, shouldn’t be played in its original form.In a world chock-full of shoddy ‘Simulator’ titles coming in from every direction, Job Simulator was a breath of fresh air.So, when Vacation Simulator was officially confirmed at The Game Awards late last year, we momentarily contained our laughter in favor of anticipation.For me a sim isn’t defined by the length of its controls list or the complexity of its HUD, it’s a diversion inspired by something, usually a machine, that’s tangible, researchable, and incontrovertibly Real.Some cynics will doubtless claim that I’m peddling this pedantic line – provocatively claiming that the likes of Star Citizen and Mech Warrior are simulation pastiches rather than ‘true’ simulations – because I…

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