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On the issue of my style, I did initially fence in a “sporty style”.

Up until 2004 the game was very different due to the more lenient box timings that allowed all flick hits to register.

That applies for younger fencers, at the top level you can’t blame a defeat on the handedness of a fencer.

My coach Ziemek Wojciechowski has been of tremendous influence.

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For this reason the FIE made the decision to alter the box timings to allow less flicks and hence restore the character of the foil.This brought about the initial changes to my style.As I’ve got older I am not able to be as physical on the piste as when I was 21 and therefore have to focus more on the technical and tactical side of fencing rather than the athletic side.By sheer coincidence my local club was run by the national Olympic foil coach Ziemek Wojciechowski.As I result I was able to get world class coaching from the very beginning which I attribute a large amount of my success to.

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