Jeffy s online dating secrets for men

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I was pretty new to the internet at the time, and I remember saying to myself, “This is one of those internet-weirdos I need to stay away from.” Then as time went on, Jeffy continued to share his outrageous exploits, and he soon developed a following of several thousand readers every time he decided to post.The internet was soon buzzing with energy around his various “field reports”—which read like bizarre hybrids of the most hardcore “pick up experiments” you’d ever seen, and chapters out of a novel by Hunter S.He’s the writer of the infamous RSD Newsletter, where every week he makes his mother proud by sending out tips and strategies on how to “Cherish women in the night...” to hundreds of thousands of readers all over the world.

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Although I sometimes fantasize about hiring someone to impersonate me so I could sit in my house and eat Cheetos all day, I wanted to write to you personally to create that PERSONAL TOUCH.

As opposed to what you normally see where it’s like, “Guy learns game, discovers a few secrets, and POOF, now he’s AWESOME.” It would give you that rich, contextual experience—not only of the changes you need to make in your BEHAVIOUR, but the mental changes, and EMOTIONAL changes, and PARADIGM SHIFTS.

We’re talking the unvarnished truth as it really happened, warts and all.

As an author, you’d be required to...: is the book that gives you everything you need to walk the path to “total transformation” because of 1) Jeffy’s “unconventional” personality, 2) his wealth of personal experiences, and 3) the fact that he knows the path like the back of his hand. My first time talking to Jeff was over an internet forum where we’d post about our adventures in pickup-land, and he sent me a private message about how he’d stormed into his fat neighbour’s house in a drunken frenzy and “banged several rolls” until he threw up all over her.

Apparently he was holding a frying pan in the air and wearing a giant rubber glove, for no real reason at all.

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