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At the height of the Cold War, Katarina Witt became one of East Germany's most famous athletes.Trained in an ice rink that gave rise to socialist heroes, Witt dominated her field by winning six European skating titles, four world championships and back-to-back Olympic gold medals to become arguably the world's best figure skater.Near the end of the film, Katarina reflects: "Of course, looking back, one thing is definitely wrong - you cannot put people in a country and try to just leave them there.You live only once on this earth and you should be allowed to travel the world, to make up your own opinion.Witt confesses the shock that coursed thru her, and the deep hurt. She believed that she had accomplished something special for her country and didn't deserve the people's ire. Like Witt herself, the Diplomat isn't easy to codify.

On one hand, she expresses her appreciation for the state's affording for her training and according her the status of the priveleged athlete. From a young age, she was the subject of constant surveillance by the Stasi, the East German secret police.You need democracy." Ultimately, Witt flourished in her gilded cage.I guess when one is endowed with sheer ability, a dash of clever, a streak of independence, and a knack for coming thru in the clutch, well, sir, the sky's the limit even when under the shadow of a paranoid empire.Known as "the most beautiful face of socialism" her success gave her a unique status in East Germany.It also triggered constant surveillance by the Stasi, East Germany's notorious secret police force.

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