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She has no role in creating Pinocchio, though she does offer him guidance and support.

Though she is accurately portrayed as sporting blue hair, she does not physically age as she does in the book.

She summons a group of woodpeckers to shorten the disproportionate nose, and after forgiving Pinocchio, informs him that he is free to consider her an elder sister, and that his father Mister Geppetto is on his way to fetch him.

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In Giuliano Cencis' 1972 adaptation Un burattino di nome Pinocchio, the Fairy (voiced by Vittoria Febbi with Martha Scott doing her English-voice dub) is portrayed much more accurately to the book than she is in the Disney adaptation.Taking the form of a blue-furred mountain goat, the Fairy warns Pinocchio of the impending arrival of The Terrible Dogfish, but is unsuccessful.It is revealed in chapter XXXVI that she gives a house to the Talking Cricket (who offers to accommodate both Pinocchio and the sickly Geppetto) while she was in the form of the blue-furred mountain goat.In the beginning she arrives at his birthday party and brings to life his glowworm, which he names Gee Willikers.Later, she brings him back to life after he has been turned back into a puppet by Puppetino and tells him to make the right choices.

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