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Many of the artists I encounter earn a living by their talents as a musician, so it’s partly the reason each year they aim high and are determined to do their very best at producing new music you will purchase for yourself and tell your friends about.There is a lot of competition in the music industry worldwide as you can imagine, and I am pleased to say the artist’s with new instrumental albums in 2012 have done exceptionally well in achieving their goals in 2012.The music group 2002 won the admiration of people worldwide after the release of their first album has received the highest praise from the most important and respected critics of all, being their fans.Randy and Pamela Copus have reached a level of success they envisioned 20 years ago, and taken it to the very next level by producing a hit album said to be the best music by 2002 yet!The esteemed recording artist and integrative psychotherapist Michael Brant De Maria is conceivably one of the most accomplished artists in the healing/meditation category.This year could result in a long overdue GRAMMY® Award.

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Please try using our search function to find your content.Eric Tingstad’s lifelike rendition colorfully illustrates a beautiful portrait of the desert Southwest with vibrant transparency.The surreal beauty and splendor of is a picturesque representation of contemporary Americana music.I can assure you the artists will appreciate any extra publicity you can give them by telling your friends through social media networks.With that said, permit me to tell you about a select group of artists who I admire and believe have produced an instrumental album you will enjoy too.

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