Periodico metro toluca online dating

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In 1811, a group of indigenous natives of Mexico was shot and killed by Spanish royalists.In memorial to those who were killed in this incident, the place where this occurred was named "Plaza of the Martires".The Valley of Toluca was known as Matlatzinco Valley in ancient times and home to at least four linguistic groups: the Matlatzinca, Otomi, Mazahua, and Nahua peoples.In the Postclassic period, the valley was ruled by a large powerful capital city whose ruins are located today in the village of Calixtlahuaca, just north of the city of Toluca.In 1478 the Mexica emperor Axayacatl conquered the Toluca Valley.

until in 1830, Toluca was finally designated as the constitutional capital of the State of Mexico.The city is the fifth largest in Mexico in population.The municipality of Toluca, along with thirteen other municipalities, make up the metropolitan population of 1,775,337 in Greater Toluca as of 2009 When Toluca was founded by the Matlatzincas, its original name was Nepintahihui (land of corn, tierra del maíz).He is remembered to this day with a plaza that bears his name which includes a sculpture depicting him.A Spanish community was established in 1530, but it was not until 1677 that Toluca was categorized as a town.

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