Persona 4 dating naoto

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Kallen is a strong-willed, determinated, loyal and brave individual who also can be quite short-tempered, forceful and somewhat impulsive.

Her character arc can be summarized as thus: she transforms from an emotional, somewhat prejudice, untrusting girl in a tawdry rebellion into a confident, capable fighter with a much stronger sense of justice and morality, willing to put aside her feelings and interests to protect those she loves and cares about.

Since then, Kallen attends the Ashford Academy, where she is a member of its student council and is one of its most outstanding students, though she skipped school regularly as a result of participating in terrorist activities with an excuse of poor health.

Kallen appears early in the first episode, driving a truck with C.

You have to live up to the dreams you once gave us all!

Ami Koshimizu won "Best Actress in supporting role" for her role as Kallen at the first Seiyuu Awards in 2007.

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