Robert pattinson dishes on his personality and dating

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Lohan was constantly late to set and when she did come she had a hard time remembering her lines and keeping it together.James Deen, her co-star on the film Canyons, called Lohan a “child lashing out.” Ouch.Sure, everyone has had a bad day at work, even the most professional actors out there who know how to put on a different face when they are asked to, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge them based on one incident that happened unintentionally.However, some of these stories are so ludicrous that there’s no way someone made it up.

It’s hard to tell what makes a person so intolerable to the point that studios and other fellow co-stars don’t want to work with the person or refuse to share the set with them, after all most of the stories we’ve heard are either based on anonymous sources, rumors or random interviews that were done by famous people.Working on set of some of the greatest movies or television shows can mean many things for the biggest stars in the world.On one hand they get to do what they are most passionate about and you could say they have a dream job.Lopez comes to productions with a long list of demands that have to be fulfilled by the time she gets on set or else she becomes an increasingly impossible person to work with.We have to say that it explains why Lopez’s roles began drying up fairly quickly. Josh Duhamel is a super good looking leading man who is quite a talented thespian as well.

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