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The day after I was offered the job, I made a list of all the industries I would consider devoting my career to. Since I had never considered mortgage lending as a career option, I decided that I needed to research the industry.

I actually took a college course while at Westminster College called ‘Real Estate Finance,’ in which I learned about all aspects of the business. Since I had only a short time to make a decision on accepting the job I was offered, there was no time to waste.

She told me that she believed in me either way and that she would support whatever I decided.

I immediately called the financial planning company that was waiting for me to accept their job offer and told them thank you, but I’m going to pursue another path.

I jumped in my car and drove to an area in the Salt Lake Valley called Union Park, where many mortgage companies were located.

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As many small business owners can attest, there are times when running a business is absolutely terrifying, and other times when it is like standing on a cliff in a windstorm without a parachute.

They reminded me how many people were begging for the opportunity I was passing on.

However, I had faith that I was making the right decision.

The first one I met with scheduled me a series of aptitude tests to see if I was cut out for the ups and downs of the financial industry.

I passed with ease (thankfully…) and was offered a job.

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