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Vampires are one of the story elements in The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA and DS.After the player's Urb washes up at the Bayou, Crawdad Clem and Bayou Boo suspect that they are a vampire, and the player must answer questions to prove that they aren't.

✅ Enjoy the love adventure with beautiful 30 illustrations and their voices!

Find the true love of your life, while being successful in your workplace as a music manager. 🎼 Want to explore managing the hottest boy band in Korea – “The Vampire”?

Each boy is a unique character for himself, so be sure to experience him/her I the right way! ❤UNEXPECTED TWISTS😮You are so happy for a moment, but it turns out that the idol group that you will manage is Vampire, the hottest boy band in Korea! For some reason, they are very energetic at night but gets lethargic during daytime.

Having a hard time mingling with them, you spot a shocking scene!

In a combination of love, thrill, fun excitement and horror, can you handle the pressure? Can you manage to take good care of Vampire as their manager?

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