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Stratmann said: "I am very happy that this game for peace and friendship is still going on successfully.

But all this would not have happened without the capital support from the ICCF.

Ole Jacobsen who created such exciting chess games.

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The result of his thoughts was a 7 by 7 meter big, from the museum ceiling upside down hanging chessboard – attached with 32 banners printed with chess characters.

During the exhibition chess masters from four countries played a chess game via the Internet.

Those sites show updated info when the refresh button is pressed.

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The top four players from each of the six qualifiers will advance to the knockout semifinals. In case of a tie, the usual tiebreaks of Tomato tournaments will apply: Finalists will be sorted by the ICC Blitz rating they had when they played their qualifier.Again, if the match is tied 5-5, another two games will be played, and if still tied, yet another two games.Should the final be at 7-7 after 14 games, a single decisive game will be played, with colors determined by coin toss. There will be no final for the classes (U2200, U2000, U1800, U1600).The fastest, easiest way to join regardless of your user interface is to login into our server about 10 minutes before the scheduled start and in the chat area type: /tell pear join Alternatively, DASHER users can go to WINDOW-EVENTS and in the list search for the ICC OPEN tournament, click on the green join button.ICC for MAC and ICC for Windows users can go to TOURNAMENTS and click on Join ICC OPEN Tournament Disconnecting before the start will remove you from the tournament.

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