Whos dating colbie caillat

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You know you're stunning Well you're absolutely stunning And I'm running always running And now I'm crying You know only cause I'm caring And if you were more daring maybe you'd stop staring And come over and talk to me And tell me bout how you've been waiting so patiently And now you try but I just turned away And I'll say, "yeah well you know, I'm shy that way"I'm shy that way Maybe I'm shy that way You know she's stunning She's absolutely stunning But she's always running But I'll catch up to her The way she keeps her distance Keepin my interest So I'll keep it consistent Ooh, maybe someday, someway, somehow, sometime We'll get together and we'll, we'll break it down And I'll ask, "why you gotta be so shy, why you gotta be that way?

"Well maybe, baby, I like it that way Shy that way Maybe I like it shy that way Maybe I love you so shy that way Ok, I'm shy that way There's always too much talking And I wanna just keep walking And I keep staring, baby, keep staring Though I may not know the right things to say I'll get it out to you one day I'm shy that way Shy that way Oh do you like it?

In her new single Try, from the album Gypsy Heart, the 29-year-old takes a stance against so-called perfection, encouraging women of all ages to embrace what they already have as they strip off the layers of make-up for the camera.

The clip, which features a number of girls and women of all ages and ethnicities made up to the nines, sees them singing along to such poignant lyrics as, 'When you're all alone by yourself, do you like you?

On one of my album covers, my arm was shaved down and it made me look very skinny,' she continues.

For the "Try" video, I didn't prep or starve myself and over-exercise.

And then I didn't get my nails done, I didn't get my hair done. I didn't have a stylist.' Colbie isn't the only one undergoing a makeunder in the clip, with a number of women of all ages and ethnicities stripping back the layers of heavy make-up to reveal their true beauty that lies beneath You're never too old to learn to love yourself: The message that you shouldn't have to try so hard to meet other people's expectations is one that is relevant to women of all ages as the video proves with its diverse group Heartbreaking: This young girl breaks down as she peels back the layers she's hiding behind as the chorus rings out, 'You don't have to try so hard; You don't have to give it all away; You just have to get up, get up, get up; You don't have to change a single thing' While the singer is hoping to make a difference by sending this important message through her music, she's still a girly-girl at heart and admits that she 'still loves getting all dolled up' for special occasions, adding: 'And then most of my days I love walking around with no make-up, my hair dried straight from the shower, in workout clothes or pajamas.''When we do get dolled up, we get more compliments. When you have a cute outfit on and your make-up looks amazing, the first thing people comment on is your image.

Well "Fallin' for You" is the first single, and it's about falling for a guy I was friends with.

We went out on a date and I realized that there was no one else in the room.

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